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Creating Excellence For Yourself & Your Organization

Thursday, March 12, 2020 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM MST
Workshop Location:
Christian Living Communities Headquarter
9570 South Kingston Ct., Suite 300 -- Englewood, CO  80112
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Module I
Creating Excellence
Individuals, not organizations, create excellence.  All organization excellence starts with one or more individuals having a vision and the perseverance to make things better for themselves and their organization.  This program will show participants how to move from acceptable to outstanding performance in their workplace. They will learn how to be an effective member of a high performing team, how to communicate successfully with a diverse workforce, and how to survive and thrive on change.
Module II
Creating Excellence Means . . .
Changing The Way We Communicate
You communicate interpersonally every time you interact with others.  How well you communicate can influence how others view your work and your chance of career success and mobility.  This program offers practical strategies to inform and influence others no matter where they are on the organization chart.
Module III
Creating Excellence Takes . . .
Motivating & Inspiring Employees
For years managers have pondered strategies to increase the talents, drive and skills of those they manage.  Questions such as how to increase cooperation among departments and teams, how to effectively delegate and ensure the work is done right, how to increase work productivity, and how to motivate employees to accomplish more than what is required have continually plagued managers.  This program provides participant with information about what it takes to move from task management to being an effective leader who empowers others for greater results.
Module IV
Creating Excellence Takes . . .
Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
Managers and employees must not only make critical decisions as individuals but also must rely heavily on group input to make decisions as well.  Today's professionals need to apply various methods to their problem-analysis and decision-making.  No one approach will be valid in every situation.  This program offers a variety of creative problem analysis and decision - making methods to respond appropriately to many situations.

Featuring . . . 

Martha Bryan of Bryan and Bryan Associates

Martha N. Bryan is a leading authority on the development of human potential and personal excellence.

With an education background in teaching, she has taught at both high school and college levels and has held positions in both government and private industry. Her work career expands from farm laborer and cafeteria helper to positions in staff support, sales, training and personnel administration. 

After 20 years in public sector administration, Martha resigned to start her own consulting firm. She has a wide range of consulting experiences working with owners, CEOs, Commissioners, Mayors, Presidents, Directors, Managers, skilled trades and line staff.  Fascinated by what makes some individuals strive to be the very best, Martha has devoted her life to studying peak performers.

She is a highly effective organization consultant and dynamic public speaker who is recognized for her informative, down-to-earth, and entertaining keynote presentations and workshops.  She gives such practical ideas, methods, tips and techniques that participants emerge excited, enthusiastic and eager to apply her ideas in their work and personal lives. We hope you will enjoy spending time with her!



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