Public Policy Statement

LeadingAge Colorado is committed to providing members with the information, resources and connections necessary to adapt to the ever changing landscape of senior services and care. We will advocate for public policy initiatives that support our members’ ability to provide quality care and a full range of housing and service options.

Our Expertise

LeadingAge Colorado, along with our national partners, LeadingAge, the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), and the National Adult Day Services Association, have staff with policy and regulatory expertise in senior housing, assisted living, retirement communities, nursing homes, home- and community-based services, and other matters that concern senior living and care providers.  We monitor legislative and regulatory activity involving changes that are potentially consequential to our members’ and their ability to deliver the services that they provide.

Our Platform

Colorado faces sobering challenges. Legislators and policymakers look to LeadingAge Colorado for solutions. We, and the senior living and care providers we represent, help policy makers confront these challenges and forge sustainable solutions by defining issues and connecting them with constituents.

at-the-us-capitol.jpg Our Prior Successes

  • Advocated a two-step rate increase for all community- based providers that resulted in a 8.26% Medicaid rate increase effective July 1, 2013.
  • HB 12 1294, directing the Department of Public Health & Environment to develop a risk-based survey process for Assisted Living Residences, a performance incentive program, and limits on future assisted living licensing fee increases.
  • SB 12 127, directing the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF) to include providers of senior living and care as part of health homes in the Medicaid program, including the Accountable Care Collaborative initiative.
  • HB 10 1053, which created a mechanism to implement a strategic plan for long-term care and study cost saving initiatives to allow assisted living providers to care for Medicaid residents with dementia and incontinence to avoid premature admission to a more costly nursing home setting.
  • SB 05 173, which created an advisory committee that put forth 18 recommendations for reform in the long-term care delivery system.
  • Footnote 50a to the Long Bill (SB 01 212) that required a task force comprised of HCPF staff, assisted living administrators, nursing home administrators, and other senior living and care providers, clients and legislators to examine issues of rate disparity and shortfalls within long-term care services.

After weeks of no response from HCPF regarding a billing error, I contacted Laura at LeadingAge Colorado for assistance. She immediately contacted HCPF on my behalf and got a response in just a few hours! 

  • Lori Sanchez
  • Supervisor
  • Morning Star Adult Day Program