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8 Million new caregivers are needed by 2026.
Unfortunately, most continuing education courses fail to offer content that's engaging and fun — and platforms often don't meet the lifestyle needs of caregivers.

NextStep addresses the caregiver crisis by expanding the pipeline of new CNAs, decreasing CNA turnover, and equipping current caregivers with high-value Continuing Education courses.

Tackling the Caregriver Crisis with New Solutions

NextStep’s mobile app-based Continuing Education platform gives CNAs unlimited access to 140+ CNA courses that meet all federal and state CNA Continuing Education requirements. Employers can track completion and access certificate records to satisfy all audit requirements at any time.

NextStep also currently provides CNA placement services in Colorado, with plans to expand solution locations in the near future.

With NextStep, continuing education programs are easier, more exciting, and more rewarding so that healthcare companies and caregivers can grow.

Benefits of Offering NextStep's Solution to your Employees
  • The only mobile app-based CNA CE offering on the market
  • Over 140+ Courses
  • More flexible & user-friendly
  • Affordable and easy to integrate today
  • Compliance-ready & meets all federal and state requirements for CE 
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